What is your problem?

English is not that difficult as you think. Follow some of my tips to help you change your current English ability.
The first thing I would like to say is that many people even can not speak a simple sentence with confidence, they have been learning it for years though. To get it fixed, i need you to consider these main reasons.

What is the reason?

The first reasons would be that you do not practice speaking English at all. You like grammars? Does it make sense to you? If not, it is time to change your mind. Okay wait, how I can help you later. Now look at the next point. The second reason is bad pronunciation. If this happens, no one can understand you, and you are unable to understand native speakers. Note that, it is a native speaker, not a friend of your country. Imagine how a kid starts learning their mother language. Surely, he will try to listen to the voice of the mother, and speaker after her. he does not understand any grammar. The final reason is that you have no clear goal for your life. This is what inside your mind, not physical things that you can touch or hold. However, It is the inner motivation, will and belief that will raise you up whenever you are depressed or want to give up.

How can you do?

Right now, i will show you a simple 5 step learning process to start your study and to improve your current situation.

Stage I: Mind-setting is before the 5 steps

I must say that you need to review your life. Think about what you are really looking for in your life? It is money, happiness, success, meetings, family, health, or charity?
If anybody thinks that these are just the stuff of thing, it is fine, and your life continues as what is happening. If you are listening and want to change your life, I encourage you to take time to think, review the past time, look inside your mind and your heart, listen to your heart, listen to the sounds of life, recall how you were born and how you are brought up by your mom. After all these activities, find out the real purpose of your life, or what you really want in your life. This step is not only required for English learning, but also for your everything in your life. I do not see any big men without a touching life story or living on clear purpose. That’s it.

Stage II: A brief of the 5 step learning process

Step 1: Participate in real talks with native speaker.

This is important for this step and during your life. Real talks mean that you have a face to face communication, you are involved in the talk, not watching the talks. The main advantages of this activity are that you speak the native language, meet the real native speakers, and you experience the real environment, you learn the real stories which all give you real emotion of life and inspire you life.

Step 2: Correct your pronunciation.

As said to you at the beginning, no one can understand you without correct pronunciation. Pronunciation is not required to be like the voice of the native speakers, but is required to make native speakers understand you easily. The way of learning is that you master some basic rules of English pronunciation, then practice more with yourself, with friends and with native speakers. If you do not open your mouth and speak, nothing will happen.

Step 3: Build up your vocabulary.

This English material is to help you describe the content of conversations. It will not work if you do not have any word to say. To improve your list of vocabulary, you must learn the common words (around 3000 words) of English for every day conversation first. The words are divided into small topics for each situation such as shopping, traveling, introduction, schools, supermarkets etc. Do not forget to practice saying the words you learn and put them into a particular context.

Step 4: Grammar is the English material connecting the vocabularies or phrases in English.

From the beginning, or for the basic level, I do not advise you to study all the grammatical knowledge at the same time period because it will make you depress and believe that English is not easy. Instead, you’d better understand the structure of a simple sentence and practice speaking the simple sentences until you feel confident and excited with English. Then you can upgrade your grammar levels.

Step 5: Communication is the final step.

The purpose of English learning basically is to serve your communication, so you will learn how to express a complete idea of conversations by communication skill. For this step, you will combine all things in earlier steps into one including pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and your personal experience. In addition, learners need to learn some conversational phrases that the native speakers use to make your English more natural.
This is a 5 step learning process that I think it will help you much. The final advice for you is that “Open your mouth and start to practice speaking”

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