Hi. Today, i would like to show you 10 words which are often mispronounced in English. Firstly, how do you understand the correct and incorrect pronunciation?. I think the best answer would be that your pronunciation is correct when you partner could understand what you talk. On the contrary, it is not correct. These ten words below are not strange to you, but many people still make it wrong or difficult to listen to. Common mistakes are missing /k/ sound, missing /s/ sound, and wrong phonetic pattern. Let’s see 10 words.

  1. Like /laik/
  2. Photography /fəˈtɑː.ɡrə.fi/
  3. Clothes /kloʊðz/
  4. Vehicle  /ˈviː.ə.kəl/
  5. Vegetable /ˈve.tə.bəl/
  6. Sex /seks/
  7. Fax /fæks/
  8. Recipe  /ˈres.ə.pi/
  9. Christmas  /ˈkrɪs.məs/
  10. Women   /ˈwɪm.ɪn/

Good luck!




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