10 common words probably mispronounced


Pronunciation is one of the most important tool for a language learner. Speakers are unable to understand each other if they say different sounds. Correct your pronunciation whenever and whatever you learn English.

In this post, I would show you 10 words which are often mispronounced of many students around the world including Asia, Africa and some non-speaking countries.

Wait! How do you identify correct and incorrect pronunciation? Academically, it should be compared to the voice of native speakers as the standard. On the other way, when you say English out, native speakers can understand you easily without trying to imagine what you say.

In the aspect of pronunciation, common mistakes of many learners are missing /k/ sound, missing /s/ sound, and wrong phonetic pattern. I would take some words for example.

  1. Like /laik/
  2. Photography /fəˈtɑː.ɡrə.fi/
  3. Clothes /kloʊðz/
  4. Vehicle  /ˈviː.ə.kəl/
  5. Vegetable /ˈve.tə.bəl/
  6. Sex /seks/
  7. Fax /fæks/
  8. Recipe  /ˈres.ə.pi/
  9. Christmas  /ˈkrɪs.məs/
  10. Women   /ˈwɪm.ɪn/

See how to say it. I am not a native speaker, but if you master the principle of pronunciation I said, it can make it a big change. Sometimes, you just break the dead point, you will become very different from others.

Good luck!


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