Learning English as a second language is never easy, particularly if you are learning English outside of an English-speaking country. For instance, English language learners in African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Zambia, Malawi, and some others of Africa face a lot of challenges because English is not the native language of these countries. Let’s look at some common challenges in learning English as second language.

Non-qualified Teachers – Mis-pronunciation

​I am talking about MIS-PRONUNCIATION of local teachers. This is the most significant and the most overlooked problem. What makes this problem so difficult to solve is that, since many communities are English language learners, they cannot determine who is a good English teacher and who isn’t. Whatever the teacher says, whether correct or incorrec, will be taken as correct by the learner. The most noticeable point is MIS-PRONUNCIATION.

This results in a lot of confusion among learners because different teachers tell them different things, especially PRONUNCIATION. The main cause is that local teachers pronounce the English words on the viewpoint of their mother tongue language.  For instance, the word ‘cup’ is pronounced by different teachers as either [kap], [kop], or with a vowel sound that does not exist in English. For instance, the sound /Λ/ does not exist in the sound systems of many African languages, so even teachers sometimes have problems pronouncing it.

In principle, native speakers shall be the final STANDARD to assess your pronunciation and speech of English. In case, your teachers are local persons, you will have no chance to make your English native and natural, even when they are teaching you pronunciation.

Limited Learning Environment – No practice

Environment is necessary to make your English work. The thing I want to say is HOW OFTEN DO YOU PRACTICE SPEAKING ENGLISH and WITH WHOM DO YOU PRACTICE?.  When I talk about limited learning environments, I’m not referring to the weather, the availability of furniture in the classrooms, or the location of the school while all of these factors can affect learning, in learning English. What happens outside of class matters the most? In most cases, students only make an effort to speak proper English in the classroom when they are under supervision. Moreover, students don’t always hear people around them speaking proper English or don’t hear the English from NATIVE SPEAKERS. As a result, it becomes more difficult to learn correct English.

Learning materials refer to items that aid in the learning process. Books may be a necessary material, but books are not enough by themselves. Audio tools are also needed. As observed above, if a student sees a sound symbol in a book, how does he/she know how to pronounce it? The fact is, students of English Language graduate into teachers of the English language without ever getting to hear the correct pronunciation by a NATIVE SPEAKER.

Students also study haphazardly. They have books to read but they can’t tell how certain words are said. How would a student know how to pronounce the word ‘ewe’? He/she must hear the right pronunciation from his/her teacher or from a native speaker of English. Students tend to learn from movies they watch but they often learn the wrong things because movies contain slang and dialects that are not appropriate in many forms of communication.


It can be seen that these two causes emphasize the importance of NATIVE SPEAKERS when you learn English. You can say that local teachers are good at grammars. I agree with you. However, for whatever you learn, the final thing is NATIVE SPEAKERS can understand you and you can understand the NATIVE SPEAKER?

What you need = A NATIVE SPEAKER

A native speaker means a person who come from the English Speaking Country. It is great if you can find a friend from England or America around your place. However, not all persons are lucky to do this because native speakers are not available everywhere, or you have no much time to search around. Don’t worry! The world has changed. Today you can do it. You just stay home and talk with real native speakers anywhere any time. I am talking about the CAMBLY TUTORING ONLINE.

What is CAMBLY?

CAMBLY gives you instant access to friendly native English speakers, so you can practice English conversation Live. Most of them are native speakers and are qualified for teaching. You just need to download apps for IOS or Android smart phone and choose the tutor you like.

Why is Cambly?

Free talking. You can get free talking. CAMBLY gives you free minutes after registration and and more when you introduce to people. You can subscribe for certain courses

Live calling. It is LIVE talk with native speakers who come from from Englihs Speaking Countries like England, Ameria, Australia etc. 

Learn everywhere and whenever you want with a smart phone connected to the Internet.

You can choose the teacher you want and you can change anytime.

Teachers are friendly and supportive. Don’t hesitate to ask anything or discuss any topic you want. In case your English is limited, you can ask teachers to speak slowly or type it for you.

What does tutor teacher say? – Charlie, UK

Let’s see how is the talk with native speakers?

Register via EnglishVlog, you will get 15 minutes for Cambly free talk. After that if you want to continue to experience more, just share it to some friends through referral link or if you love Cambly, there is premium course for your to choose upon your expected schedule.

Good luck and wish you success!

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