Spring 2018 at Highland coffee.

Nice to be a friend with you. I am so excited about having chance to meet you someday! I am Paul behind the Vlog. The main purpose of the English Vlog is to make fun videos in real English with real speakers in real environments. It is all about our everyday life, about fun, about life values that human beings would need. English Vlog wishes to help you learn English with motivation, full of energy, happy emotion. To be good at English, the number one tips is “Practice makes perfect”. If you want to master anything, you need to practice doing it more and more. Yeah, practicing is the true secrete for you to succeed in doing anything. I hope you do.

Thanks to the availability of Internet, today you may have different choices of learning English, but the fact is that watching Real English Videos is the one of the best ways for you. Here are some reasons:

  • Video contents are real conversations of everyday life
  • The topics are various and casual
  • The Vlog keeps you inspired to learn English because it is real life with real language, real people and real Environment
  • You will learn different cultures throughout the world

Whatever ways you prefer, these important things should never been forgotten.

Firstly, pronunciation is always the first priority to think about and to practice frequently because if you have no ability of this, no one can understand you and more importantly you cannot understand your partners.

Secondly, practice makes perfect. If you don’t practice, you can’t make anything happen. Therefore, practicing is the key to success. If you are bad at pronunciation, you must practice pronouncing the words more. If you are bad at speaking, open your mouth and start saying simple sentences and more than that. Specifically, I ask you to join a real environment to practice like English Club, NGO community (with English speaking participants). One more way is to practice with native speaker or tutor online with both free talk & paid talk such as Cambly Tutor Online. It really depends on how determined you are with purposes. 

Talking in the real environment with real English, Real people will give you more energy and motivation. In case you have no chance to do this, I recommend that you go to Cambly page to make friend and do live talks with native English Speakers. See more here: Learning English With Native Speakers Free (15 minutes and more).

That’s it.

I hope we can be friends.

Good luck!

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