Spring 2018 at Highland coffee.

Hi, I am Paul, the person behind the page. I traveled and lived in different countries and the truth is that the stories around me always make me excited about. I love the people I met. They told me about the stories, about the customs that they are living with. It is so meaningful when we have chance to go far, see the lives going on and hear the sounds of life. This is the reason why I created English Vlog. I want to meet and talk to the persons all around the world whenever I can and I save our stories here for your watching. You would find something, learn something from these real people, real stories. Why it is English Vlog, not Japanese Vlog, Spanish Vlog? The reason is that English is an International language. In some videos, you will see me talking in Japanese, or chinese or Thai etc. It is a secret. It’s my pleasure to see you here. Hope we become friends.

In order to understand the world, there is no doubt that you must be capable of reading magazines, watch videos, listen to the news in English. Here are some tips to master your English.

  • Watch favorite Youtube channels from simple level to advanced ones. See below list.
  • Join a real environment to practice English like an English Club, an international community Toastmaster.
  • Keep your habit. Habit is the key for your success.
  • Find a native speaker mentor to instruct you and guide you in a right direction about method, pronunciation.

Recommended Youtube channel to Learn English YouTube

1. Learn English with Misterduncan

2. Learn English with EnglishClass101.com

3. BBC Learn English

4. British Council: Learn English Kids

5. VOA Learning English

6. JenniferESL

Apart from these Youtube channels you are also asked to try premium classes with native speakers by Cambly App (both PC & Mobile). There are a variety of English classes and levels for your option. Don’t worry, you can try 15 free minutes here before you subscribe Learning English With Native Speakers.

That’s it.

I hope we can be friends.

Good luck!

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Mr. HAPPY PAUL: www.youtube.com/c/Paulus0912