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Hi, I am Paul, the person behind the page. I traveled and lived in different countries and the truth is that the stories around me always make me excited about. I love the people I met. They told me about the stories, about the customs that they are living with. It is so meaningful when we have chance to go far, see the lives going on and hear the sounds of life. This is the reason why I created English Vlog. I want to meet and talk to the persons all around the world whenever I can and I save our stories here for your watching. You would find something, learn something from these real people, real stories. Why it is English Vlog, not Japanese Vlog, Spanish Vlog? The reason is that English is an International language. In some videos, you will see me talking in Japanese, or chinese or Thai etc. It is a secret. It's my pleasure to see you here. Hope we become friends. Connect me via youtube "" or "". Thank you!

An incredible free English learning App Hellotalk

It can be said that this app is an UItimate Language Exchange that I have never seen the same anywhere. 

Major subfields and levels of linguistics

Major subfields and levels of linguistics This post outlines the various subfields of linguistics, the study of language. These...

8 lời khuyên phát âm tốt hơn – phần 3

Xem các phần tại đây Phần 1: Phần 2: Phần 3:...

8 lời khuyên phát âm tốt hơn – phần 2

Xem các phần tại đây Phần 1: Phần 2: Phần 3:...

8 lời khuyên phát âm tốt hơn – phần 1

Xem các phần tại đây Phần 1: Phần 2: Phần 3:...

Speak English with native speakers confidently

Welcome back to English Vlog. This is Paul. Today, in the video, I am going to share with you some tips to...

Different ways to make invitations in English

Here are some common expressions you can use when making or responding to invitations in English. It is useful to use...

How to livestream by Canon EOS M50 and HDMI Capture Facebook

Life is changing every day. I can’t believe that I can set-up a Studio at home by myself. Welcome back to my...

How to remove green background (keying) to live-stream by OBS OBS

Preparation Webcam/CameraBackground screen (normally a GREEN background)OBS software (open broadcasting software for live-stream)

Donald trump a great leader and US president 2020

A great leader, an inspiring person & a great US president. It is Donald Trump. He talks and he takes actions.