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Hi, I am Paul, the person behind the page. I traveled and lived in different countries and the truth is that the stories around me always make me excited about. I love the people I met. They told me about the stories, about the customs that they are living with. It is so meaningful when we have chance to go far, see the lives going on and hear the sounds of life. This is the reason why I created English Vlog. I want to meet and talk to the persons all around the world whenever I can and I save our stories here for your watching. You would find something, learn something from these real people, real stories. Why it is English Vlog, not Japanese Vlog, Spanish Vlog? The reason is that English is an International language. In some videos, you will see me talking in Japanese, or chinese or Thai etc. It is a secret. It's my pleasure to see you here. Hope we become friends. Connect me via youtube "http://bit.ly/EnglishVlogSub" or "http://bit.ly/MrHappyPaul". Thank you!

2 problems of English learners

Learning English as a second language is never easy, particularly if you are learning English outside of an English-speaking country....

Teach English Online and travel

If you want to live a financially free life and travel around the world rather than get employed by some companies,...

Toni Buổi Sáng – Trên Đường Băng Cảm Hứng Khởi Nghiệp

Những lời lẽ giản dị, chân thành và dí dỏm khiến cho người đọc yêu thích cuốn sách

The real story of Christmas day

"Christmas" is a shortened form of "Christ's mass". Today, the popular way to say it is CHRISTMAS. Christmas is the annual festival (25th of December)...

Cambly Free Minutes to talk with Native Speakers

If only I knew Cambly.com when I was a child, now I should speak English like a native speaker.

Things you must do when you’re still young

There are a dozen of things that you must do in your life like travel, money, kids, work etc., but what comes first and...

Like and dislike about Vietnam

ようこそベトナムへ! You travel to somewhere in the world, and you must be very surprised at something strange or something that does not exist in your...

Travelers try smoking tobacco bong in Vietnam

If to be asked, what is the first thing to do in life, most of travelers will say TRAVEL. You might say "of course!...

5 steps for learning English effectively

English is not that difficult as you think. Follow some of my tips to help you change your current English ability. The first thing...

10 common words probably mispronounced

Pronunciation is one of the most important tool for a language learner. Speakers are unable to understand each other if they say different sounds....

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