If only I knew when I was a child, now I should speak English like a native speaker.

My story

When I was at secondary school, I also learned English, but I never got chance to listen to real voice of native speakers even on the radio, so the pronunciation or English speaking completely depends on the Vietnamese teacher. Therefore, talking directly with foreigners is something strange.

At the time of university entrance, going to the city, I just got to know about the Internet, and heard about tour-around-talks with native speakers on the street near tourist sites. I started with the group of friends or wandering around West Lake, Sword Lake, places with lots of “tall men with blue eyes, big nose” to start conversation with them. At first, it was very embarrassing, and it was odd, but because of my motivation, I thought in my mind “what is different, what is the difference between them and me?” Then, I started my first without fear, it felt more confident afterward. During the conversation, I could understand them, and they could understand me, but not much. I kept searching and talking, correction, and improving. Gradually, my English became better. This way of learning seemed to work for me. But more than that, I recognized that the method is also effective for different people because it ínpires you to learn with real English sounds, real native speaker and real environment. Topics are just everyday life stories such as introduction, job, travelling, language study, shopping, giving directions etc.

What is Cambly?

Camly understands the real needs of English learners that they want to meet and speak with foreigners anywhere, so it has created a community where tutors are native speakers from Australia, America, England etc. Cambly connects native speakers with English learners around the world.

Camly provides you with an English app / website for both computers and phones (iOS, Android) you can easily study anywhere, anytime, just need a phone or computer with internet , that’s all. Cambly calling only works on mobile app, not website.

You can talk directly with native speakers (USA, UK, Australia, etc.) via video call, like calling video call on Facebook, skype that you often use, and the conversation video will be saved in your account and we can review it. It’s great, isn’t it?

This is one of the best websites for learning English with native speakers. If you have been studying English for a long time and cannot speak, hear and pronounce, then it is time for you to change the way you learn and follow the natural rules. A child born will learn basic pronuciation only, not need much grammar as we have been learning. You start will small sounds then gradually speak right away.

Cambly unique features

  • Study anytime, anywhere with native English speakers, Australians, Americans etc.

You will not waste time hunting native speakers on the street anymore. You just sit at home with your phone connected to the internet you can enjoy talking with interesting tutors who are both native speakers and have friendly interaction skills. Some tutors own good teaching certificates.

  • You can choose any tutor you like.

Log in the apps and search any teacher you want and connect them. Another way is that you just press PRACTICE button, the system will redirect you to the random available teachers. In case you are not familiar with the way of teaching or accent, you can choose another one there.

  • The Cambly teacher is very enthusiastic

I learned on Cambly and I have good impression with friendly and helpful teachers here. That is what I experienced myself. The best way to check it is that you can do it yourself. A part from that, when tutors have a high rank on Cambly, they will have more teaching time and better income from their work.

  • You get free lessons for up to 10 minutes and more

When you sign up for a normal account you will be given 5 minutes of free talk. However, you have different ways to get more free learning minutes. One way is you share on Facebook after the first 5 minute call, you will get 15 minutes immediately. Another way is that you you can share your referral link to other learners, if they register using your link, and finish their trial, you will get 10 minutes. You lose nothing. To start signup, just click

Are you qualified to study on Cambly?

To learn here, you should also know a bit of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation because learning with native people without any knowledge, you will not be able to follow. But don’t be worried, just start your free minutes to see how it happens and how much you understand. Whatever it is, you will, at least, can evaluate your current level, and can master your weak points.

How to start?

Step 1: Go to the Cambly.Com website or smart phone App to sign-up for free 5 minutes (use my link). Enter your email address in the upper left with the words Get started. It’s free. Then follow the instructions. You can access the link I recommend to get 10 minutes for free Cambly.Com.

Step 2: Download Cambly app on smartphone and sign-in your account above. Then click on tutors to choose one, or you just press the button PRACTICE to start learning.

How much does it cost to learn on Cambly?

There are two methods: Free and paid


Follow these instructions

Step 1: Sign-in your account.

Step 2: Click on FREE MINUTES in account area

There are 3 ways to get free minutes

  1. Default registration will give you 5 free minutes, but if you want to get more, you can get 10 minutes by using this link Cambly.Com.

2. Another way to get more free minutes is to share referral link to your friends. If they register using your link, you will get 05 minutes after they finish trial time. The format of referral link looks like this

3. After you complete your first 5 free minutes, share your calling video on your facebook, you can get 15 minutes free immediately.


After free minutes, if you are excited with Cambly, you can register paid courses by following some steps:

Step 1: Sign-in and click on red button SUBSCRIBE

Step 2: Select your level

Step 3: Select your appropriate agenda weekly

Step 4: Pick a commitment level week, quarter or year

Bước 5: Press SUBSCRIBE button below to proceed next step

In this step, it is easy for you, select the payment method and purchase the course. Please note that master card or visa card is required for the payment.

That is an overview of Cambly and registration procedure. If you want to know what Cambly is, just use free minutes. If you want to change your current situation and change your life, use paid course to practice more. The time you make decision is the time you change your destiny. Good luck!

Watch my first talk on Cambly




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