How to remove green background (keying) to live-stream by OBS OBS



  1. Webcam/Camera
  2. Background screen (normally a GREEN background)
  3. OBS software (open broadcasting software for live-stream)


Step 1: Connect webcam with Laptop. If you buy a webcam, plugin it in and install driver. In case of a camera, please learn how to connect camera to computer depending on each manufacturer. If you camera is a canon brand, you can install sparkoCam as a driver or install EOS utility to live shooting. Some canon cameras do not support liveshooting so you can use SparkoCam.

Step 2: Open OBS software

Step 3: Go to source panel and add SOURCE (example: One layer is your video, and one layer is background image like in my video)

Step 4: Right click on Video layer and choose FILTER. On next screen, click on plus icon on left bottom and select CHROMA KEY to remove green background and press OK. Your video layer is transparent now!

Step 5: Copy/Paste stream key as normal and press START STREAMING to connect to facebook. Then Click on GO LIVE.

Watch the video for more details

Good luck!


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