When I was a student, I only wished to go abroad, to a certain country, including Singapore, a country that was small but very rich and developed so soon after I graduated I saved enough money to fulfill that desire. I went there more than a week at the time of 2011. It was really a wonderful thing and it is my turning point. When the plane took off, I cried because of my continuous efforts were well rewarded and because I believed that no matter how much failure I face, there are still something bright ahead. Belief and will are something inside your mind my mind, and cannot be seen, but it motivates you and make your life beautiful. Sometimes, you don’t feel how beautiful the life is, so you need to go out, move your mind to new places, travel to new lands. Travelling will change your viewpoint, your attitude and change your state of emotion, belief. The trips will teach you lessons about life value and aspiration, you will be more generous, more loving and more tolerant of life and the people around you. If you want something tomorrow, start from today.

My first photos in Singapore

Sư tử phun nước Merlion
Merlion tower
Changi Airport
Join Quantum Leap by T.Harv Eker
Success Resources Singapore


My friend from Singapore
A guy from Malaysia






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Hi, I am Paul, the person behind the page. I traveled and lived in different countries and the truth is that the stories around me always make me excited about. I love the people I met. They told me about the stories, about the customs that they are living with. It is so meaningful when we have chance to go far, see the lives going on and hear the sounds of life. This is the reason why I created English Vlog. I want to meet and talk to the persons all around the world whenever I can and I save our stories here for your watching. You would find something, learn something from these real people, real stories. Why it is English Vlog, not Japanese Vlog, Spanish Vlog? The reason is that English is an International language. In some videos, you will see me talking in Japanese, or chinese or Thai etc. It is a secret. It's my pleasure to see you here. Hope we become friends. Connect me via youtube "http://bit.ly/EnglishVlogSub" or "http://bit.ly/MrHappyPaul". Thank you!


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