Here is Petronas Twin Tower Malaysia Twin Towers. This is one of Malaysia’s iconic works. When I was a child, I got to know it through the textbook, but right now, I saw it with my own eyes … Life is great when we do something we dream of …

Speaking of Malaysia, we can’t forget the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur the tower that is still mentioned in the secondary school students’ textbooks. Compared to Singapore, Malaysia is not more beautiful and it does not have popular tourist destinations but there is one thing in common that there are many trees along the road. When I arrived here, I often walked on the streets to observe the life, eating, living, communication, the language of the people. And I also often go to the twin towers to take commemorative photos. Like many countries in the world, in Malaysia, Chinatown is also available, you can go there to buy the things you like and the food there is also very convenient.

At night, there are often small groups of youngster sitting down and talking together till late. If you are there, talk to them because they are easy-going and friendly.





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